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Components of the Information Literacy Program at Illinois Wesleyan University

Information Literacy Program Documents

The Ames Library Information Literacy Program Mission Statement

The Information Literacy Program supports Illinois Wesleyan University’s goal of furthering the intellectual development of the entire campus community while encouraging independent, life-long learning among its constituency.

The program’s objective is to facilitate through outcomes-based instruction the academic community’s acquisition of the tools and education necessary to critically employ information in professional and everyday life.  Through collaboration and coordination of the library, teaching faculty, University departments, and the curriculum, the program strives to develop the knowledge and progressive skills to support the scholarship and research of students and faculty.   

The Information Literacy Plan and outcomes statments linked below are core components of The Ames Library Information Literacy Program.

Faculty Information Literacy Resources

The library faculty at The Ames Library invite you to participate in the Information Literacy program by coming to the library for instruction sessions, collaborating on the design of research assignments, or working with your department to create information literacy outcomes for your major or discipline. Librarians are also available to visit your classroom for hands-on workshops, demonstrations, or talks on relevant research resources or skills.   The library faculty are happy to meet with you to discuss your course goals and how we can contribute to and support student learning.

Library Liaison Contact Information

Student Information Literacy Resources

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Chris Sweet

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